A long time ago a little child was born in a hospital.
It was brought into a room with the other babys.
When the nurse left the room, a sneasel snatched the child away and brought it child to its cave..
That Baby... was you!

A few years later:
The region of Shelpi has had bad weather with a load of
Sneasel has been traveling with you for 11 years so you dont know where in the region of Shelpi you are.
You are trying to find your mum to get back where you belong.

When entering snowcross city you see a
trainer looking for a battle and once you beat him he tells you about the pokemon league.
He becomes your rival and his name is Kyle.
So you start you journey, for looking for your mum, becoming a pokemon master and meeting new pokemon
and rivals along the way !

features :
some d/p pokemon

new rivals
new region
hidden places
new hero and heroine = coming later
more coming soon

media :

screenshots =


videos= will do once scripts have been done


i fixed the tile errors so please dont post about the errors.
anyway this is the old map

my team:
me (riolu 9) = mapper, a bit of scripting
faint brushfire= mapper,scripter and beta tester
silver riolu = mapper, scripter
hackimon12 = scripter
wind= a awsome mapper
maraudah= another awsome mapper
billi 1000= beta tester , banner maker

neti for his nice backround and his rombase

The banners ( support pokemon snowstorm now !)

made by billi 1000

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